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We are a patient-centered comprehensive addiction treatment program. Right Choice Health Group was founded in response to national opioid and other drug addiction epidemic. Our judgment-free, patient friendly centers are located throughout western and central Massachusetts. Very soon we are launching many sites statewide and nationally to create easy access to our state-of-the-art medication-assisted-treatment (MAT) to patients own communities.
Our success is tied with patient’s success. We believe addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Right Choice’s fight is our patient’s fight. We believe there should be no place for judgment or stigma when treating a person with addiction. Our patients make us work even harder and be a part of their life-long journey as a true guide of hope...


“This place is a blessing, truly a wonderful place to people live a life!”

“All the staff make me feel hope”

“Right Choice is one of the only offices helping our community overcome our addiction epidemic in MA, with caring and polite staff and a great structure for patients, this office is by fare one of the best offering help. I will continue to refer clients and loved ones to this facility”

“Thank you so much for understanding and helping me thru my recovery”

“The staff and Dr. Faruk go beyond their expectations. By far out of 1/2 dz clinics and Drs this is the Right choice”

“Thank you for all your help to everyone, if it wasn’t for Right Choice and your services, I don’t know where I would be today...”

Our Mission and Vision

Right Choice Health Group stands behind its mission – we treat addiction as a disease, not a choice. We believe we can help you as long as you’re ready for change.

Our vision is to become the proud national leader in treating addiction with a core value of caring.

Take the First Step for Change

No one wants to become an addict, no one wants to die from drug overdose, but it happens. It could be tomorrow. Let us help you TODAY.

Call NOW to speak with one of our friendly treatment consultants: 413-271-7136 OR 413-628-4357

Our practice

We can provide an intimate and relaxed office visit while you meet with our team of medical professionals. Your comfort and care are our priorities.

Our Philosophy

Stop Stigma, Treat Addiction Now. Addiction is a chronic brain disease and has devastating impacts not only on the person suffering from the disease but also on the individual’s loved ones. A person with addiction is aware of the harms of using dangerous drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers. The individual tries to quit, but cannot stop using drugs because of the imbalance in brain chemistries from long-term drug use. No one wants to become an addict, no one wants to die from drug overdose, but it happens. A person dies every minute of every day due to addiction. Addiction does not discriminate whether you are rich or poor, black or white. Addiction has the power to kill anyone. From 2000 to 2016 more than 600,000 people died from drug overdose. In the year 2016 alone, 60,000 deaths were attributed to this national epidemic. One person is dying every 20 minutes in this country. More people are dying from drug overdose than from motor vehicle accidents every year.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) saves lives. MAT combined with substance abuse counseling increases the probability of a person remaining in treatment. FDA approved medications such as Buprenorphine (Suboxone), methadone or vivitrol have proven to prevent overdose related deaths. Unfortunately, many people in our society still believe in the myth that addiction is a choice rather than a disease. However, the science is very clear and addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes the loss of control pertaining to judgment. Hundreds of thousands of people do not have access to MAT and are still at risk for overdose related death. Due to this risk, we cannot afford to stigmatize our patients by believing in the myth that “treating addiction with medication is replacing one drug for another”.

At Right choice health group, we believe a person with addiction should be treated with respect and dignity without further shaming them or stigmatizing them. We believe that the stigma is more dangerous than overdose itself.

Right Choice Health Group stands behind its mission – we treat addiction as a disease, not a choice. We believe we can help you as long as you’re ready for change. Take your first step, let us help you now.

Founder's Biography







Dr. Omar Faruk is well known for his dedication and leadership in the medical community for many years. He is a proven leader with a caring heart in the field of addiction medicine. After completing an internal medicine residency at one of the most prestigious medical centers in the nation, Dr. Faruk started his medical career as a hospitalist physician at Mercy medical center in Springfield, MA. Very soon he was noticed by his peers and colleagues who nominated him for the physician of the year award. Later, he honorably served as the chief of medicine department at Sisters of Providence Health Systems (SPHS).

When he was serving as the chair of the peer review committee at Mercy Medical Center and Providence Behavioral Hospital, his main goal was to maintain and improve the quality in patient care at the whole SPHS system. During his service over seven years at Mercy Medical center, Dr. Faruk has noticed; there is a serious lacking in office-based addiction treatment. Due to his passion to treat patients with addiction, in 2009 he decided to leave his comfortable job and created many successful addiction treatment centers in the western and central Massachusetts area.

In 2009 Dr. Faruk co-founded his first outpatient addiction treatment center called Total Wellness Centers; now a leading addiction treatment organization nationally. After leaving Total Wellness centers, Dr. Faruk created another very successful addiction treatment center in Massachusetts. After many successful ventures and experiences in treating thousands of patients with addiction; Dr.Faruk believes, Right Choice Health Group is the most comprehensive and patient-centered organization with a vision of becoming the national leader in medication-assisted-treatment for opioid and alcohol dependence.

Within a very short period of time, under his leadership this visionary organization, Right Choice Health Group has already expanded in to six different locations in Massachusetts. Board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine; Dr. Omar Faruk has been interviewed by many newspapers, TV news and spoken in many public events to fight for the patients, as he believes his patients should be referred as ‘person with addiction’ NOT an addict. To increase awareness for stopping stigmas and treating addiction he has created his own TV show called “Dr.O’s Daily Dose.” Dr. Faruk is married to his medical school sweetheart and lives with his wife and two beautiful daughters in western Massachusetts. 


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