Frequently Asked Questions

Who Treats Me?

At Right Choice Health group we have Board Certified Physicians available to help treat you in a medical setting.

How Much Time Should I Take Off When Starting A New Treatment?

Recommended to take 2-3 days off of work or school Performed in clinic under supervision of trained staff. You will be closely monitored during induction of treatment.

What Are My Other Responsibilities?

I should notify my provider or any changes in my medication or my health I will tell my provider if I experience any side effects I will bring my medication bottles to every visit I will stay in therapy I will keep my appointments I will notify my team if I cannot make an appointment or need to reschedule.

Are There Services Or Treatment That You Don’t Cover?

We do Not…. Prescribe any other forms of narcotics Prescribe benzodiazepines (Benzo) or any form of sleeping pills. Treat pain issues. Tolerate any form of diversion of prescription Suboxone or Subutex.

What If I Relapse?

In the event of a relapse we may need to discuss further treatment options or increase visit schedule.

Are The Medications Approved For Use For Additions?

Right Choice provides non-narcotic comfort medications to assist with withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, muscle aches, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and diarrhea. All medications are FDA Approved for the treatment of addiction.

What Test Or Exams Are Performed In The Office?

Support Pre-Screening Education Guidance Patient Centered treatment plans A Comprehensive history and physical exam to see if you are healthy for Medication Assisted Treatment Urine Test Blood tests.

Is Therapy Required?

Counseling or therapy at least once a week Learn techniques to prevent relapse Recognize triggers and learn coping skills.

How Is The Program Structured?

Submit to urine testing as requested Minimum 8-12 clean urines from the beginning of your weekly visits Commitment to the program by attending at least 8-12 weekly counseling visits or completion of IOP/PHP etc. Compliant with program policy, no behavioral issues, complied with random pill counts and random drug screening.


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